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WordPress CAPTCHA Plugin News


Our WordPress CAPTCHA plugin has been updated.

CAPTCHA for WordPress

We have added a new mode for networks of sites (Multisite) to our CAPTCHA for WordPress.

New version of KeyCAPTCHA plugin for WordPress

Now our customers are able to change the text above KeyCAPTCHA.

Our WordPress CAPTCHA plugin is published at wordpress.org

You can download WordPress CAPTCHA at wordpress.org.

Standard installation of plugins for WordPress

We are happy to offer you updated plugins for WordPress. Typical installation from 2.7 version has become available via Web interface of WordPress Сontrol Panel.

A new version of plugin for WordPress released

Now the plugin works for all the versions from 2.6 to 3.x

WordPress 2.9 plugin now has CAPTCHA in the registration form

We have improved our WordPress 2.9 plugin to make it better. It’s got KeyCAPTCHA present in the registration form now.

A new plugin for WordPress version 2.9 released

Today we added KeyCAPTCHA plugin for WordPress 2.9. This plugin protects your site against spam in the comments.

Plugin for WordPress is coming next week

We’re testing WordPress plugin for version 2.9 at the moment. Estimating release date is 29.06.10.

reCAPTCHA is not the best CAPTCHA

We are going to create WordPress CAPTCHA which will be more useful than reCAPTCHA.

Google acquires reCAPTCHA

Google buys reCAPTCHA. Looks like Google is going to use reCAPTCHA in Google Books and Google News Archive services.