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Magnetic CAPTCHA

Magnetic CAPTCHA service All movable KeyCAPTCHA's elements will look like realistic jigsaw puzzle elements if you activate our Magnetic CAPTCHA service.

Moreover all movable KeyCAPTCHA's elements will be aligned to a virtual grid automatically. Start from $2/mo. ($24 annual)

Personal CAPTCHA

Personal CAPTCHA service You can enhance look and feel of your website by using our Personal CAPTCHA service.

Personal CAPTCHA allows you to create CAPTCHAs based on your own images for your websites. It may be your logo or any other images which will be in compliance with your design. Start from $2/mo. ($24 annual)


M+ CAPTCHA If you activate our M+ service the mobile users will see KeyCAPTCHAs optimized for mobile devices.

Just one touch to solve CAPTCHA! Start from $2/mo. ($24 annual)

Unbranded CAPTCHA

Unbranded CAPTCHA If you would not like to see our logo in the KeyCAPTCHAs on your websites you can use our Unbranded CAPTCHA service.

Unbranded CAPTCHA also includes a removal of FaceBook Like button from KeyCAPTCHAs on your websites. Start from $2/mo. ($24 annual)


KeyCAPTCHA free version The KeyCAPTCHA service provides free website protection against spam. This product is free of charge. It's absolutely FREE